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David Brock Quotes

It’s only been in the last week or so where a real panic has set in that Sanders could be the nominee, the donor class is, as usual, way behind the eight ball. —David Brock He had a really good night, he had never been more under the microscope than he had been tonight. —David Brock There is not going to be enough money in the system, whether its online or big dollars, to support more than six or eight candidates, there is a disadvantage that Democrats have to raise money to fight each other first before you can raise a war chest to fight Trump. —David Brock There is a lot less interest among donors on the ideological split as there is imagining the person who is best to stand up against Trump and really take the fight to him and just beat him. —David Brock Nothing is below Donald Trump, including paying Kathleen Willey’s mortgage so Kathleen Willey could ‘ hit the road and start speaking out on Hillary, ’ kathleen Willey mortgage is Kathleen Willey mortgage that this serial liar is willing to pay for the re-peddling of these unfounded, already-discredited claims. The media needs to ask : Who else is Trump paying ? —David Brock

Best Quotes By David Brock

If Republicans were smart, which is debatable, they would end this farce before it does even more damage to them than it already has. —David Brock Republicans tend to be more steadfast in their allegiance, and Democrats read one headline in the New York Times and the sky is suddenly falling. —David Brock It’s not a vast right wing conspiracy. It’s a right-wing conglomerate, it’s more sophisticated, it’s well-financed, it’s well known. —David Brock I think it is manufactured, but I think she is doing the right thing by apologizing for it, at a certain point when people won’t let it go, you have to address it. —David Brock There’s something to admire in what they are doing — in terms of their sophistication and their effectiveness, that’s what we’re up against. —David Brock