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David Carter Quotes

There was a broad based recovery today. Markets were not fixated today on new taxes or tapering, in a shift from the past few weeks there’s been no big news from Washington, so markets were forced to focus on positive economic data and a new COVID medication. —David Carter The market is flip-flopping between the view that economic growth has almost peaked so you need to buy stocks that manufacture their own growth like tech names, versus the view that economic growth will continue and you want to own cyclicals and value names. —David Carter Too-strong economic data could perversely be a bad thing for markets if it caused the Fed to raise rates faster than expected, weak employment data may actually be welcomed. —David Carter For markets so far this year, boring is beautiful, economic growth has been strong enough to support prices and many asset classes are trading with historically low volatility. —David Carter The inflation boogeyman is back right on cue, and will continue to spook markets for the coming months. —David Carter

Best Quotes By David Carter

If this is a footrace, supply chains are still tying their shoes, but they will catch up with demand fairly quickly. —David Carter Markets had a very strong April as they looked through the valley of economic weakness to a point when stimulus will reignite economic growth, but it could be a longer and deeper valley than many hoped. —David Carter There’s no other market where the incremental upside is greater for the The NBA. —David Carter The NBA has to be true to The NBA domestic brand and what The NBA stands for, the NBA’s why finding a work-around is critical. If they manufacture a technicality to let [ Morey ] go, The NBA’s The NBA. —David Carter (It was a) great headline but further analysis may eventually create uncertainty and weaken markets, the level of uncertainty around the world is rising significantly, with no clear end in sight. —David Carter