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David King Quotes

We have a lot of clients that want to buy a number of companies, but they just can’t get comfortable with where valuations are, the type of market volatility that we’ve had of late could help ease some of that tension, to the extent that you still have a universe of acquirers that retains the confidence to go out and do deals. —David King I can tell you categorically that a health care provider never wants to be in a position of having to sue one of his patients for money that should’ve been paid by the patient’s insurance company, this insurance company practice unnecessarily brings its own member into the dispute — and forces the provider to pursue the patient for the money. —David King We are talking about the world’s biggest (new) market, it puts laptops into the shade. This (renewable energy) market is going to be by 2020 between $2ans $3 trillion a year. —David King This research will allow the scientists to refine the techniques for creating GM babies. —David King I have more hope at the state and local level, where we have citizen activists understanding the community, reaching out and trying to build on those basic laws, this is not going to change all at once from Washington D.C. —David King

Best Quotes By David King

We’re going to hear about gun control probably into mid-summer. But once we get into the general election season, I don’t think we’re going to hear about it very much at the national stage and that’s when you really have to get busy locally. —David King If we don’t, it is almost inevitable we will end up in a market for enhanced GM designer babies. —David King The climate is changing and weather records are being broken all the time, the risks of an event are growing, and it could be unprecedented in scale and extent. —David King We have to leave coal in the ground. —David King I arrived just as the first wave of casualties had shown up, i looked across the patients and I knew immediately, without anyone having to tell me, exactly what the wounding mechanism was. —David King