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David Kopel Quotes – Quotes By David Kopel

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David Kopel Quotes

Few people realize how often Justice Thomas’ solo opinions eventually become majority opinions in Supreme Court, for example, in the 1997 case Printz v. United States, Justice Thomas ‘ wrote a concurring opinion saying that some gun control laws might violate the Second Amendment, expressing his hope that the court would one day take a Second Amendment case. —David Kopel I dont think there would be significant dangers to the U.S. if Mexicans were allowed to defend themselves legally, there are already plenty of guns in the U.S., so the possibility of northbound arms smuggling seems remote. —David Kopel Trumps approach has probably made things better by improving border security. And, of course, the Trump administration unlike the Obama and Bush administrations didnt allow ATF to mastermind gun-smuggling operations into Mexico, for the purpose of later finding the crime guns and using the finding to bolster the argument for gun control in the U.S.. —David Kopel Biden will likely return to the Obama policy of using Mexicos problems as a pretext to push for restrictions on gun owners in the United States. —David Kopel There’s very little about anything in America for which race is not part of the story, that doesn’t mean that race is the only part of the story. —David Kopel

Best Quotes By David Kopel

The Panthers’ arms-carrying was often intended to be intimidating, that’s one difference between the Panthers and modern open-carry activists. The latter are attempting to convey the message that they are harmless and peaceful. —David Kopel There’s a difference between gun culture and hunting culture, they’re talking about hunting in Montana. They’re not talking about walking into a Wal-Mart with a 9-millimeter strapped to their back. —David Kopel Virtually all of them would have owned guns anyway. —David Kopel —David Kopel No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —David Kopel