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David Madden Quotes – Quotes By David Madden

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David Madden Quotes

The worst-case scenario would be oil surging to $ 110 or $ 120, as the jump in energy prices could trigger chatter of a global recession, economies are gearing down from the [ post-pandemic ] boom, and the last thing they need is an energy shock. —David Madden We haven’t seen proper volatility in about two years. —David Madden In late December, the David Madden stock market was still comfortable with the idea of three rate hikes in 2022 and okay with that, once [ speculation ] tipped over into four, that’s where things seemed to get fairly ugly. —David Madden There’s a lot of earnings optimism, the feel-good factor of companies bouncing back, we spent so much time being afraid of the tapering in September and early October. I think people are now going to see tapering as a positive sign, that you can completely come full circle. —David Madden Bargain hunters have stepped into the fold today as they have swooped in to snap up relatively cheap stocks. —David Madden

Best Quotes By David Madden

It’s only a month ago that stocks were at all-time highs, and with an ECB meeting tomorrow, people will be unwilling to buy because it can be a bit of a risky trade, it’s more of what happened in the U.S. last night and just a bit of position squaring ahead of ECB. —David Madden Fears are circulating that some investment funds might be quickly closing out positions as a way of shoring up their cash, it is early days yet but we might see selling pressure ramp up for fear there could be a stampede for the exit. —David Madden Stock markets are crawling between optimism around the rollout of vaccines and worries that a jump in virus infections and fresh local lockdowns could further affect economic recovery prospects. —David Madden It doesn’t seem like restrictions have much of an impact as traders are fixated on the wider story that vaccines are being distributed and the world should be in a very different place in another two to four months. —David Madden I would just put (today’s movement) down to a bit of profit taking before the figures, we’ve had a good run, up at all-time highs, sentiment is probably positive – the Iranian issue appears to be put to bed – people are just sitting on their hands ahead of the report. —David Madden