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David Miliband Quotes – Quotes By David Miliband

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David Miliband Quotes

In the last 24 hours… bombing raids by Syria and Russia continue to cause misery. —David Miliband This is not a blip, the forces that are driving more and more people from their homes – weak states, big tumults within the Islamic world, a divided international system .. None of these things are likely to abate soon. —David Miliband With 60 percent of refugees living in urban areas, humanitarian actors have begun to realize that the traditional service delivery model focused on camps is not appropriate in towns and cities. —David Miliband Having been in government, I know managing 10 targets is difficult. Managing 169 targets is challenging for the most efficient government, the great danger is that the breadth of the targets becomes an excuse for not fulfilling the targets. —David Miliband My grandfather applied with the rest of the family to come and join (my father) but he was told he could not because of the flood, he eventually came in ’56. —David Miliband

Best Quotes By David Miliband

Our perspective is that this a global challenge, and all rich countries should be playing their part both in helping the victims and in trying to support political and diplomat efforts to tackle the problem at source, the fact that people are literally lapping up on the shores of Europe tells you that sticking your head in the sand is certainly not moral but it is not wise either. —David Miliband That is a recipe for refugee flow. We have been warning of it for nine months, if we don’t shore up those countries, then people will move on. —David Miliband No one pretends that refugee resettlement ends the war in Syria, but it’s a tangible contribution to the lives of a significant number of people and a genuine action of solidarity with those neighboring states bearing the greatest strain. —David Miliband We are confident that appropriate checks can be made in far quicker time to first of all reduce the suffering of the refugees in limbo, but secondly to offer the solidarity that the neighboring countries need. —David Miliband Page 1, line 1, sets out Labour’s Budget Responsibility Commitment: A clear vow to protect our nation’s finances. —David Miliband