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David Payne Quotes

In politics, the pendulum never stops in the middle, polls show those who voted for President Trump are largely happy with their pick, which might lead us to believe there are some more openings at least in 2018 in the House and Senate. But it’s too early to know about 2020. —David Payne Poe’s departure is a sign that Freedom Caucus needs to shift gears into a legislative mode, they’ve proven they can be a purity check. Now, they ’ll need to prove that they’re a legislative force. —David Payne But if a trend develops, Freedom Caucus might push Donald Trump into the arms of moderate Democrats willing to pull bills to the left in exchange for passage. —David Payne The return on investment based on the current commercial model is not really commensurate with the amount of effort you have to put into it. —David Payne Based on that, we’re predicting it would work against infections that could be caused by bacteria that are resistant to available antibiotics. —David Payne

Best Quotes By David Payne

The year of the outside candidate is a neat, tidy package put out by the media to a certain extent, but it’s only part of the story. Look at all of the insiders who are picking up 60 percent of the vote. —David Payne The Ted Cruz campaign said in response to Manafort’s comments : The Cruz campaign’s no surprise that Trump’s team will lash out with falsehoods when facing a loss to distract from their failure. … We have earned our success by working hard to build a superior organization and are working within the process and rules. Anticipating a fight for every delegate, Ted Cruz was campaigning Monday in California, which holds a delegate-rich primary on June 7. David Payne, a Republican strategist and Vox Global partner, suggested on Monday that Cruz’s efforts to win delegate support will be indispensable if Donald Trump fails to get to 1,237 delegates — as the candidates would have to compete for them during balloting at an open convention in July. Ted Cruz will be on familiar turf, consider that Ted Cruz is likely to win a handful of the remaining winner-take-all states … coupled with proportional delegate wins for Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz and John Kasich, this makes it mathematically difficult for Donald Trump to win the nomination according to the current convention rules. —David Payne Voters who are looking for a center-left business tycoon to support in 2016 have already found their candidate, and his name is [Donald] Trump, there isn’t much room for Mike Bloomberg to run in this lane. —David Payne It certainly has gotten really nasty, really quick. —David Payne We won’t see a Republican presidential nominee go anywhere near this idea. —David Payne