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David Valadao Quotes – Quotes By David Valadao

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David Valadao Quotes

If someone is going to run in a district like this based off of one vote on a person that lost the district, everyone who supports that type of mentality has literally given up the opportunity to win a seat and put someone in a spot that could actually fight for them and do what’s right for the district, if their only issue is one vote, that’s a pretty short-sighted mentality. —David Valadao A lot of us see a lot of hypocrisy on the issue. —David Valadao It’s never enough, there’s no such thing as a silver bullet. —David Valadao I strongly believe climate change is not an issue of the world changing. I think it’s an issue of a natural progression, what’s making their lives harder is not climate change, but it’s the poor leadership that we’ve had in Central Valley. —David Valadao Obviously, the politics of it is going to be very, very obvious, and that’s why I supported the commission. —David Valadao

Best Quotes By David Valadao

There is no doubt we are disappointed in the results but we can take pride in knowing that we brought about real, tangible change, we have reduced taxes for middle class families, made huge strides in our battle for water, reformed the dairy industry for thousands of California farmers, improved access to healthcare for families throughout the Central Valley, and given our troops the support they deserve. —David Valadao Like so many family dairy farms across the country, burdensome government regulations made it impossible for the operation to remain open, while this has been an especially difficult experience, I remain hopeful that sharing my story will help those going through similar situations. This is exactly why I ran for Congress — to give agriculture communities across the nation a voice in Washington. —David Valadao Obviously, it is not going to work in Democrat TJ Cox favor, no one knows who Democrat TJ Cox is. —David Valadao I treat this administration like I did the last administration. I talk about the issues, if I agree with the President on it, I will say that. If I disagree, I will say that. —David Valadao This is nothing more than a fourth-quarter Hail Mary to show Democrat TJ Cox has done something on immigration. —David Valadao