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David Wilcox Quotes

A lot of workers have withdrawn from the labor market, it’s just stunningly widespread. —David Wilcox The macro stakes around the timing are rather low, what is important is the inference that can be drawn about how they are reading the inflation tea leaves. How anxious are they to wrap up their bond-purchase program in a timely manner before they might want to raise the (federal funds) rate? That is why this decision is of more than passing interest. —David Wilcox Financial regulation in my view is number two on the agenda, and especially continuing to deal with the issue of containing financial risk in an environment of historically low interest rates. —David Wilcox The most worrisome development lately is we now seem to be at much more heightened risk of financial markets becoming an amplifier of the adverse dynamics are going on. —David Wilcox Those markets need to continue functioning in order for the real economy not to go into the equivalent of cardiac arrest. —David Wilcox

Best Quotes By David Wilcox

At the end of 2018 it looked like the economy was moving forward in a continued solid manner, the risks were predominantly to the upside and it was not prominent on our radar screen or anybody’s that the trade war’s machinations would be taken to the extent that they have been…The news from abroad, by wide consensus, has been disappointing. —David Wilcox Somebody yelled, ‘That’s one of those white boy Trump supporters,’ i said, what does that have to do with this? We’re talking about insurance here. —David Wilcox It could be very positive and mean substantial investment in infrastructure schemes or it might mean the dead hand of the Treasury comes in and say ‘you will invest in this’, that’s my greatest concern and the concern of the scheme members. —David Wilcox —David Wilcox No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —David Wilcox