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David Wilson Quotes – Quotes By David Wilson

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David Wilson Quotes

The survival rates of the two types of cancer are roughly the same. —David Wilson What happened … was simply a first step, it’s just a piece of paper step two involves the money. Show me the money. Show me the investments. —David Wilson We were out on the glacier and a blizzard blew in. It started to get pretty hairy, he [ the guide ] would always say, ‘ Are you touching the [ mobile ] in front ? ’ I leaned forward to touch the [ snowmobile ] in front to have a look, and as I came back, my glove accidentally hit the off button. THE SECRET HISTORY OF ELLIS ISLAND. —David Wilson We ’d been told if anybody got left behind, stay put and they ’d be back within five to ten minutes… that’s what we did, but we stayed there for two and a half hours and no one came back. It was getting windier and winder, freezing cold, and it got to just before dark and we could see the trail in front of us so we thought we’ve got to try and follow this trail. —David Wilson At 7 p.m. we decided to turn the snowmobile off because we worried it would run out of gas and if it did we ’d have no light, and we knew the light was the only thing that would save us, my wife was petrified : she thought we were going to die. —David Wilson

Best Quotes By David Wilson

This company sent us out when there was a severe weather warning, we spoke to another guide, he took his group out and within 15 minutes he turned around and brought them back because it was so unsafe. Number two, they never told us anything about the on/off button. That’s just ridiculous. That’s protocol that should happen. They were a very, very unprofessional company. —David Wilson Nobody had told us how the off button or the on button worked. So, it conked out. —David Wilson The Great American race, as we were looking at why we should come into NASCAR, that was a big part of it, to have a shot at winning The Great American race, to be able to talk to the incredible, powerful fan base that NASCAR has. —David Wilson We’re actually beginning to get a copper market that is beginning to tighten quite significantly. —David Wilson It will help the market, people weren’t expecting significant cuts, we’d already been assuming a deficit market for next year because of mine supply underperforming significantly. —David Wilson