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De Grasse Quotes

It’s my first time being so emotional on the track, i always thought I came up short winning bronze and silver, so it’s just good to have that gold medal. No one can take that away from me. —De Grasse I came back for that final and I was gassed, tired, i looked to my side, and I said I’m going to have to get second. I can’t catch him. —De Grasse Worth the wait, definitely. —De Grasse I will heal quickly from this injury, i will go be with my daughter and focus on being a dad for the next few weeks as I heal, and I will plan to come back stronger than ever. —De Grasse 2018 will always be the year I look back at fondly as the year my daughter came into the world. —De Grasse

Best Quotes By De Grasse

Canada hasn’t had two sub-10 sprinters for a long time, so I think me and Aaron Brown in the meeting are going to do big things. —De Grasse Felt like I didn’t have a great start but somehow I ended up finishing the race well, i found De Grasse in the back( out of the blocks) and had to go to my next gear. —De Grasse There are always expectations, but I ca n’t put much expectation on De Grasse, this is my first meet, i ’ll just try and go out and have fun like I always do. —De Grasse Last night all I needed was some rest. Once I got the rest, and I woke up this morning, I felt great, i can’t believe I did it. Somehow I just managed to pull it off. I’m really happy about this. —De Grasse This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete at home in front of relatives and friends, i feel like I’ve got my first senior national medal, and at home, so that’s a great feeling. —De Grasse