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De Haan Quotes – Quotes By De Haan

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De Haan Quotes

We could see a national average that flirts with, or in a worst-case scenario, potentially exceeds $ 4 a gallon. —De Haan The economy is hot. Demand has come roaring back. But supply is still catching up after getting cut greatly in 2020. —De Haan There is less breathing room as a result of those refinery shutdowns. —De Haan Americans who believe that have been fooled into thinking that a pipeline somehow produces oil. They don’t. They merely carry oil. —De Haan We’d have seen a surge in gas prices. —De Haan

Best Quotes By De Haan

Looking out on the horizon, I really don’t see an organized drop in prices, the market is starting to feel explosive. The fundamentals are there for that to continue. —De Haan After a catastrophe, cut the bottlenecks, why not open the SPR ? It’s not perfect. But it may be an option for some refineries. —De Haan This is a long duration event, if you don’t need fuel urgently, delay purchases for those who are critical and first responders. —De Haan This is not a political issue. It’s more of a Covid-19 challenge simply because of how Covid-19 decimated fuel demand last year, while prices are much higher this year than last year, it’s because of the recovery, the economic recovery. More Americans are getting out, gasoline demand has soared from a year ago. —De Haan June 2018 you could find the national average at 2.96 a gallon, which is merely 11 cents lower than where we find ourselves today, jim Jordan’s tweet, I would qualify, is lacking context and certainly in my opinion incorrectly assigns blame on President Biden economy. —De Haan