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Dean Cheng Quotes

Belt and Road Initiative is almost like a Christmas tree, in the sense that you can hang almost anything on there, if you are the Chinese, and you are a state-owned corporation, and you want to do something, you yell out ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ to justify things. —Dean Cheng In the first place, any crewed mission is significant, if only because space travel by humans remains a risky endeavor, this will certainly be their longest mission, which is quite impressive when you consider how early it is in their human spaceflight regimen. —Dean Cheng There is clearly ongoing tension between the U.S. and Russia, in space but also on the ground. The Russian annexation of Crimea, its support for little green men in eastern Ukraine, its pressure on Georgia and the Baltic states, all indicate that its relations with the West will remain tense for the foreseeable future, space reflects terrestrial tensions, and it is likely that there will be further tests of new Russian weapons, as they would want to neutralize the American space advantage in any conflict. —Dean Cheng It is hard to say definitively at this point, which is why there needs to be an independent, external investigation into the WHO response to COVID-19 and Chinas potential influence over its decisions, what the WHO has done is to accept Chinese claims and statistics, no matter how outlandish. This should be clear, as the Chinese just corrected their Wuhan fatality figure by 50 percent. The WHO never questioned the original statistics. —Dean Cheng The Chinese will absolutely interpret The Chinese as being directly connected, having a better sense of how American bureaucracy works, I’d be more skeptical. —Dean Cheng

Best Quotes By Dean Cheng

This is a long-term issue that is not going to go away. —Dean Cheng What we have is China pushing very hard into the South China Sea, physically, politically, illegally and diplomatically, and the United States refraining from doing very much at all. —Dean Cheng That message is, in a nutshell, ‘Stop pushing us. We are not going to be lectured’. —Dean Cheng It is living up to what the Chinese have been saying, ‘We are now a blue water navy. We will operate in the far seas and we are a global presence’. —Dean Cheng The Chinese are delighted because Obama’s problems highlight that America is unpredictable, and they have large sums of money to throw around. —Dean Cheng