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Debra Katz Quotes – Quotes By Debra Katz

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Debra Katz Quotes

As is often the case, courage begets courage, soon, other women came forward to support Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte in the face of the Governor’s continuing denials, even as evidence mounted against him. —Debra Katz Since then, he has lied publicly over and over again in an attempt to walk back his original admission. Realizing his admission was insufficient to quell the public’s growing calls for accountability, he has since resorted to belligerent lies and a Trumpian refusal to stick to a single set of facts, he has also demonstrated a jaw-dropping ignorance of the sexual harassment law he signed into effect — without great fanfare — suggesting that his behavior is fine because he never meant to make women feel uncomfortable. —Debra Katz Although not allowed at National Institutes of Health to utilize Rick Bright expertise in vaccines or therapeutics, Rick Bright developed a plan to implement a robust national testing infrastructure, which emphasized the critical need to provide screening tests for asymptomatic individuals and to provide services to underserved populations disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, national Institutes of Health leadership declined to support Dr. Bright’s recommendations because of political considerations, plain and simple. After having Rick Bright work suppressed for political reasons to the detriment of public health and safety, Rick Bright was sidelined from doing any further work to combat this deadly virus. —Debra Katz Harvey Weinstein has hurt dozens and dozens of people by Harvey Weinstein sexual predatory rapist violent behavior, and today there can be no other discussion other than Harvey Weinstein is exactly where Harvey Weinstein should be. —Debra Katz In the aftermath of these hearings, I believe that Christines testimony brought about more good than the harm misogynist Republicans caused by allowing Kavanaugh on Supreme Court, he will always have an asterisk next to his name. When he takes a scalpel to Roe v. Wade, we will know who he is, we know his character, and we know what motivates him, and that is important. —Debra Katz

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Christine Blasey Ford has not asked for anything of the sort. What she did was to come forward and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and agree to cooperate with any investigation by the FBI and that’s what she sought to do here. —Debra Katz What I can speak to is when victims of sexual assault and violence go to their Congress people — when they go to their senators and they ask for their information to be confidential, I think that that’s a request that needs to be respected. —Debra Katz It is simply not possible for her to prepare such testimony while at the same time trying to take appropriate security precautions in the face of the avalanche of threats she has been receiving. —Debra Katz The short answer is this : We did a fundraiser for Sen. Baldwin six years ago when we ran for the Senate, we supported Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin then. —Debra Katz She believes that but for Christine Blasey Ford inebriation and his inability to take her clothes off, he would have raped her. —Debra Katz