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Deepti Gurdasani Quotes – Quotes By Deepti Gurdasani

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Deepti Gurdasani Quotes

I think the most successful vaccine programs require an understanding of vaccine hesitancy that’s distinct from anti-vax sentiment, dealing with vaccine hesitancy requires community engagement to actually understand the reasons and address them rather than dismissing people as either ignorant or selfish. —Deepti Gurdasani I think the problem is many of these countries have completely minimized the impacts of Covid-19 on young people. —Deepti Gurdasani What we’re seeing now is many people with flu-like symptoms or even hay fever-like symptoms, we need to really broaden our testing criteria and communicate this to the public. Many people might be getting infected without having any awareness of it. —Deepti Gurdasani What we’re seeing is the dangers of a vaccine-only strategy, vaccines are a hugely important part of our response, but we do need to protect our vaccines, and we need to reduce transmission. —Deepti Gurdasani We need to refocus our entire strategy on reducing transmission, all countries need to have long term focus on masks and ventilation,( and to) clamp down on outbreaks as they occur. —Deepti Gurdasani

Best Quotes By Deepti Gurdasani

This variant has the potential to change the shape of the pandemic in your country, once this variant enters a population, it’s easy to lose control of it. —Deepti Gurdasani This is now becoming a virus of younger people, and we are letting that happen by not preventing transmission in those settings. —Deepti Gurdasani In our country, if you come from India Britain, you have to go into quarantine — and India Britain’s not the case in every European country, and that’s what I would like to see. —Deepti Gurdasani It’s very concerning that The UK government, which claims to be’ following the data,’ has completely ignored the data and decided to remove masks from schools against all scientific advice, we see several school outbreaks and rapid spread among school-age children across parts of Public Health England… Public Health England’s clear that we need to be strengthening these mitigations, rather than weakening them. —Deepti Gurdasani The variant seems to have spread among children first, and became dominant among children, before gaining dominance in other age groups. —Deepti Gurdasani