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Defense Secretary Mark Esper Quotes – Quotes By Defense Secretary Mark Esper

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper Quotes

But we’re sitting on them in a sense that they’re prepared to ship once they are needed. Once HHS exhausts its stock. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper Many of those ventilators deployed with the USNS Comfort and Mercy in New York and( Los Angeles), respectively. They are with our field hospitals. We have several field hospitals deployed in New York, in Seattle, in New Orleans and Dallas. And then we provided several hundred more that are pre-positioned and ready to go, particularly with regard to New York City when they’re needed. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper We are prepared to distribute to HHS up to 2,000 deployable ventilators for use as needed. These machines are different from their civilian equivalents and require special training to operate, but we are committed to supporting HHS’s requirements in any way we can, the department has made our 14 certified coronavirus testing labs available to test non-DOD personnel as well, and we will soon offer two additional labs for that purpose. We hope this will provide excess capacity to the civilian population. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper While it may have some impact on readiness, it will not affect our ability to conduct our national security missions. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper I continue to stress to my friends in Europe — and just this past week again at the NATO Defense Ministerial in Brussels — that America’s concerns about Beijing’s commercial and military expansion should be their concerns as well. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper

Best Quotes By Defense Secretary Mark Esper

It is essential that we — as an international community — wake up to the challenges presented by China’s manipulation of the long-standing international, rules-based order. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper I don’t think it’s necessarily tied to China. As you know it’s tied to some other issues. So again, I’m going to take this one step at a time. I don’t get too excited about these things. We’ve got a process we have to work through. We just received it 9 hours ago. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper We just got the notification late last night, we have to digest it, we have to work through the policy angles, the military angles, I want to hear from my commanders, but United States know in my view it’s unfortunate that they would make this move. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper Clearly they’re trying to build long range ballistic missiles with the ability to carry a nuclear warhead. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper I’m not going to wade into the hearings and things that are taking place on Capitol Hill right now, obviously it’s… a highly charged environment so I’m going to not weigh in on that other than to say that Colonel Colonel Alexander Vindman is still an active duty member of the military and continuing to perform his job on a daily basis. —Defense Secretary Mark Esper