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Del Potro Quotes – Quotes By Del Potro

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Del Potro Quotes

Unfortunately I won’t be able to play in Miami this year, looking forward to coming back in 2020! —Del Potro I am truly disappointed that I will not be able to return … to defend my title, it is one of my favorite tournaments, and I have incredible memories from last year, but my doctors have advised me to rest. I hope to be back on court soon. —Del Potro I wanted to do a big effort tonight. I fought until the last ball and had many opportunities, but it’s hard to win matches when you can’t move at 100 percent, the doctors say I need time if I want to be 100 percent, but I don’t want to be home watching the tournaments on TV. I’ve done that before and it was really bad for me. —Del Potro It will be a different match that we played in Paris a few weeks ago, i will try to hold my service games most of the time. If I want to beat him, I have to come to the net very often and play hard with my forehands, with my backhands. —Del Potro I’m taking it match by match. —Del Potro

Best Quotes By Del Potro

If you have a good serve on grass, you can win a lot of matches. Feliciano has a big serve. I am serving well too. —Del Potro I think it’s a good record for him, i didn’t expect to be in the top five again after all the problems, winning big tournaments, fighting for the top positions of the ranking again. —Del Potro I got mad, but with myself. I made a couple of mistakes. I had a little discuss with the umpire, everyone can make mistakes…it’s all fine now. —Del Potro I think I was a bit lucky in the first set because Albert made me run a lot, but I had control of the match in the end and played well in the right moments, i’m playing better every day. Claycourt is not my favorite but I’m enjoying playing here. —Del Potro It wasn’t easy for me to play a guy like Julien in Paris, i’m so proud of him, he made a fantastic career. I should stop speaking, it’s Julien’s time. —Del Potro