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Denise Jamieson Quotes

These studies fit into an overall emerging pattern of what we have seen with other research, covid impacts pregnancies and can cause severe illness in pregnant persons and their babies, this is clear. —Denise Jamieson I know pregnant persons can be reluctant to take medications or receive vaccines during their pregnancy and they really want to do everything possible to protect their baby, and they make sacrifices in pregnancies, but I think it has to be balanced with the risks of not getting vaccinated, it’s important for all persons to get vaccinated, but in particular for pregnant persons to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves and to protect their babies. —Denise Jamieson There are all sorts of risks in doing additional screening and testing, which can result in unanticipated outcomes, i don’t think we should jump the gun. —Denise Jamieson And then I think it’s a great time for pregnant women to ask family members to run errands, fill up their gas, get groceries for them, i think there are a whole lot of great reasons to pamper pregnant women — and I think now is a better time than ever for pregnant women to ask and receive assistance. —Denise Jamieson There’s increasing evidence that pregnant women may not be more severely affected by Covid-19 than the rest of us, which we had worried about at the beginning of the pandemic, but Covid-19 is still a severe disease in pregnancy that needs to be taken seriously and studied carefully. —Denise Jamieson

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We’re hoping this underscores the importance of pregnant women not traveling to areas of ongoing Zika virus transmission if possible, and if they do need to travel to ensure that they avoid mosquito bites and the risk of sexual transmission. —Denise Jamieson Unfortunately, there is still a lot that we don’t know. —Denise Jamieson We did not expect to see these brain abnormalities in this small case series of U.S. pregnant travelers, so it is unexpected and greater than we would have expected. —Denise Jamieson Pregnant women should be advised that they may not want to travel to areas with ongoing transmission but if they do, they should take measures to avoid mosquito bites. —Denise Jamieson We don’t want to recommend everyone be tested and then have a situation where you can’t sort out who is truly positive. —Denise Jamieson