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Deontay Wilder Quotes – Quotes By Deontay Wilder

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Deontay Wilder Quotes

I’ve always had to fight guys bigger than I am and that weight is only going to slow him down, the extra weight on me, I’m gon na rock with it. —Deontay Wilder And I’m not worried about his weight. What I told him was, don’t blink. —Deontay Wilder This is unfinished business that I will finish. I’m going to knock him out, i’m the lion, I’m the king of the jungle, and come February 22nd, I’m gonna rip his head off his body. —Deontay Wilder After that I am looking for a unification bout, i want one champion, one face, one name and he goes by the name Deontay Wilder. —Deontay Wilder Luis Ortiz @kingkongboxing is first then Tyson Fury @Tyson_Fury Next. —Deontay Wilder

Best Quotes By Deontay Wilder

When I hit him with the right hand the first time, his body language changed. —Deontay Wilder Theres been a lot of animosity and a lot of words that were said and it just came out of me tonight. —Deontay Wilder The $50M offer for him to fight me next in the US is still available, today I even agreed to their offer to fight Joshua next in the UK. If he prefers the fight in the UK, the ball is in their court. —Deontay Wilder I’ve been getting nothing but positive feedback from fans all over. Even if they weren’t a fan of Deontay Wilder they are now for this very fight, hopefully I can win them over to stay a fan of Deontay Wilder after this fight. … It’s a great thing that we’re going over to Russia defending my title in somebody else’s backyard. —Deontay Wilder I don’t have any concerns. I don’t let my brain sit back and think about if I don’t knock him out or are they going to rob me, or anything like that, i just don’t want my mind to be on that when I’m in a fight. I want to have a clear mind. I want to go in there and do what Deontay is capable of doing. —Deontay Wilder