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Derek Carr Quotes

Yeah, it’s nice, but do n’t forget we’ve already done it. This is the second time. I just get to play this time. —Derek Carr My goal was n’t just to make the playoffs. It was a part of it, but you always have bigger goals and bigger dreams and you’re always trying to achieve more. So, for me, it’s exciting, but still trying to keep that laser focus on the job at hand. —Derek Carr I definitely feel like a better player, especially the last couple of years because I ’m able to play different ways, different styles in order to win a football game, i’ve had some more kids since that time too, so things have changed in my life a lot since all that. And so, to be able to play in the playoffs this time and all my kids, they ’ll get to go and experience it. I do n’t think I ’d have it any other way to share that moment with them. —Derek Carr We have a tough matchup with Joe and their team this week, and they beat us already. So there’s no pressure on us, man, i ’m just going to go out there and do my best as a 30-year-old old man, I guess. I guess I ’m not one of the young guys now, even though we can play until we’re 40ish. —Derek Carr My teammates said things that I agreed with, but at the end of the day… life’s gon na throw you curve balls, there’s gon na be adverse times, whether I agree or don’t agree, I don’t really think it matters. We got ta play at some point. —Derek Carr

Best Quotes By Derek Carr

Doing things the right way, it sounds easy, but it’s not easy to do, and so I’m trying my best. And again, maybe sometime in the offseason I’ll have time to think about all this. I will tell you I walked by, and I saw Henry’s locker today and for whatever reason that got me. Like he’s not going to be there. Not because he’s fast, not because of what he can do for me, but because of the person that he is and because I love him, i mean he literally texted me at midnight of a golf swing, me and Hunter (Renfrow), ‘How’s my swing look? You guys need to help me.’ Just seeing that and then getting the news when we woke up. How am I supposed to handle that? How am I supposed to react? And I’m trying my best and doing my best, but I do know that God is good and I’m going to believe that he can change situations and do things we just can’t comprehend sometimes, and I’m going to continue to believe that and my kids will believe that and we’ll keep preaching that even when people don’t like it. —Derek Carr For me personally, in my own life, I have experienced loss. So, I know that feeling and so my heart first goes to the families that are involved. There are things that happen in life for all of us that we don’t have control over, and you wish you did. I have 1,000 questions I wish I could ask, but I don’t get those opportunities. I don’t understand everything and why certain things happen. I just forever have relied on the foundation of who I am, which is my faith. I’m going to stand on that when it’s hard and I’m going to stand on that when it’s easy. —Derek Carr It’s hard. I’d be lying to you if I was like, ‘Oh, it’s easy.’ I don’t think that at all. I’ve always been honest with you guys and it’s not easy because I love people. I care deeply about people. I mean there is people in this room that know that for sure that I’ve had conversations with sitting at a table because I just care about people. And this one hurts because again it really affects some families and it affected some lives, and that hurts me. It hurts my heart because I know that there is pain, I know there is shame, I know that there is anger probably. —Derek Carr All those feelings that no one ever wants to feel or have towards them. I know that’s all there and it’s hard when you feel like everything is coming and crashing on you. I’ve had those feelings and having people to love you and support you is what helps the most. You can’t do it alone. It’s not easy being the quarterback and being human. I wish there was a certain way of someone to tell me this is exactly how you do it because it would be a lot easier. I think I got a good grasp on how to handle it, but it doesn’t make it easy to do. —Derek Carr Whether it was in Los Angeles at that soccer stadium or at Qualcomm in San Diego, it was another home game, you always looked at it as another home game and that was no disrespect, it’s just a fact. —Derek Carr