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Diana Winston Quotes – Quotes By Diana Winston

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Diana Winston Quotes

It’s this quality of attention, and you can bring it into any physical practice, rather than being lost in your worries and thinking about everything you have to do and catastrophizing and all the things we normally do, we turn the physical activity into a mindful practice. —Diana Winston I define it as paying attention to our present moment experiences with openness, curiosity and willingness to be with that experience, not lost in the past, not lost in the future. —Diana Winston There’s a misconception that you’re going to do the practice, and your mind is going to be blank or in a state of bliss, that’s just absurd. That’s not what happens. —Diana Winston See how you respond to the person’s voice, does that person’s voice make you feel calmer ? Do you feel like you can relax ? There are so many people’s voices, and you want to find one you respond to. Not everyone is the same. —Diana Winston If your mind wanders, you don’t yell at yourself :’ Get back in the present moment !’. —Diana Winston

Best Quotes By Diana Winston

If you’re a beginner, it’s great to be guided. —Diana Winston Much of the time we’re lost in the past or the future, in the present moment, there’s the potential for more ease and well-being if we can bring Your Attention back there. —Diana Winston You can notice breath after breath, then your attention wanders, then you notice Your Attention wandered, and you bring Your Attention back to your breath. You just keep doing this over and over. That’s a great starting point. —Diana Winston It’s helpful with stress-related physical conditions, it can impact blood pressure, it can boost the immune system, it can improve the healing response. —Diana Winston Just keep in mind that the research on mindfulness is very young, even though it’s very exciting, there’s so much more to do. —Diana Winston