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Diane Foley Quotes – Quotes By Diane Foley

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Diane Foley Quotes

This accountability is essential for anyone who kidnaps or unjustly detains Americans abroad, if our country ever wishes to deter hostage-taking. —Diane Foley Our country has to take care of our foreign policy, keep Americans safe, but they also have a responsibility to protect and bring home innocent Americans who are being used in this way. —Diane Foley There really wasn’t anyone in the government who was accountable. They may have cared in many ways, but Jim was at the bottom of a very long list of other tasks for most of the people we met, it really was a very isolating, upsetting, excruciating ordeal. —Diane Foley I feel that if we don’t hold people accountable who directly target and kill our citizens, if this kind of impunity prevails, it will be problematic for us in the future. —Diane Foley We really feel that our government needs to have a clearer policy and be more upfront about what they can and cannot do or will and will not do, we felt we were in the dark a lot. —Diane Foley

Best Quotes By Diane Foley

So he, in a sense, had a privileged upbringing, so to me that makes that even more sad that he’d want to use his gifts for such evil and such hatred. It’s very frightening to me. —Diane Foley We need to forgive him for not having a clue what he was doing. —Diane Foley We were told we could not raise ransom, that it was illegal. We might be prosecuted. —Diane Foley Jim counted on our government to get them home, jim was very hopeful and confident that our government would find a way. We don’t want Jim to have died in vain. —Diane Foley No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Diane Foley