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Dilma Rousseff Quotes – Quotes By Dilma Rousseff

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Dilma Rousseff Quotes

I cannot conclude my remarks without mentioning the grave moment Brazil is currently undergoing, i have no doubt our people will be capable of preventing any setbacks. —Dilma Rousseff They intend to overthrow a president elected by more than 54 million voters. —Dilma Rousseff The conspirators have been unmasked. —Dilma Rousseff They now are conspiring openly, in the light of day, to destabilize a legitimately elected president. —Dilma Rousseff This was illegal, only the Supreme Court has the authority to wiretap a president. —Dilma Rousseff

Best Quotes By Dilma Rousseff

Brazil and the world have lost the battle against dengue, but we won the war against yellow fever, which is carried by the same mosquito. We will win the war against Zika. —Dilma Rousseff Many of Renan’s proposals fully coincide with our own, they show on the part of the Senate an inclination to help Brazil find a way out of its difficulties as fast as possible. —Dilma Rousseff There is a clear and strong demand for infrastructure development projects in Brazil. All of these figures I have just referred to convey a loud and clear message for those of us in government circles, the message is clear: we must change the potential demand out there into better tangible infrastructure and viable investment projects to be undertaken by private sector capital. —Dilma Rousseff Petrobras has one of the most accurate accounting standards in the world, if it wasn’t the case, investors would not be seeking out the company as one of the great investment targets. —Dilma Rousseff The current reality leads us to reiterate our determination to implement within Petrobras the most efficient compliance and corporate governance structure at a Brazilian state-owned company ever, we have to investigate thoroughly, but without weakening Petrobras. —Dilma Rousseff