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Dmitry Peskov Quotes – Quotes By Dmitry Peskov

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Dmitry Peskov Quotes

I hope that we will not live in a world where we have to read out the transcripts of the closed part of the presidents’ talks, but when it is necessary to prove the correctness of our president, we can and will do anything. —Dmitry Peskov We hope that from the next Olympic cycle we will enter a normal full-fledged national participation regime. Russia has always been a very responsible member of the Olympic family and remains fully committed to the ideas of Olympism. —Dmitry Peskov We are talking about allied exercises, and it is understood that upon completion of these exercises, the troops will return to their permanent bases. —Dmitry Peskov Russia had no plans to get involved. Russia never does such things at all. —Dmitry Peskov The American and Ukrainian media claim that Russia is preparing for an attack on Ukraine, and we are saying that Ukraine is planning hostilities against Donbas, against the self-proclaimed republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, we are deeply concerned about the provocative actions of the Ukrainian armed forces on the line of contact and preparations for an attempt to forcefully resolve the Donbas issue. —Dmitry Peskov

Best Quotes By Dmitry Peskov

Of course, not all that needed to be done was done for informing and explaining the inevitability and importance of vaccination, but at the same time, citizens of our country need to take a more responsible position and get vaccinated. —Dmitry Peskov We can congratulate Dmitry Muratov — he has consistently worked in accordance with his ideals, he has adhered to his ideals, he’s talented and brave. It’s a high appraisal and we congratulate him. —Dmitry Peskov As for the Russian ambassador, the president of Russia will decide when such expediency comes. —Dmitry Peskov The relations now have hit the bottom, there are certain consequences of the unfriendly measures taken against our country and the retaliatory measures taken by us. —Dmitry Peskov The police reaction was due to the threats that could have arisen from staging such a protest, the provocations comprise of the fact that there were calls yesterday for unsanctioned protests. —Dmitry Peskov