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Don McLean Quotes – Quotes By Don McLean

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Don McLean Quotes

The America now is not the America I started out in, and it’s not the America that I was in before I started out … The America that I remember in the 1950s when I was growing up and was a young boy and teenager — that’s the America I knew and the value system I knew. —Don McLean Yet this is all part of a scheme for them to get more power, that’s all it is. —Don McLean It’s kind of a folk song now, if there’s any definition of what a real folk song is, in the world of music back a hundred years ago or so — even hundreds of years ago in rural areas — there were no tape recorders or TV or radio, or even people who were literate enough to write things down. —Don McLean I have a degree in finance and economics, from a good school — Iona College in New Rochelle, New York, which turns out a lot of business people. And all of that stuck with me through the years. —Don McLean I was young, I was the right guy at the right time, the audience was receptive, I knew my audience, and I knew what they wanted. —Don McLean

Best Quotes By Don McLean

And it would have three No. 1 songs from that album — but they didn’t really do that back then. —Don McLean We won the Olympics — we didn’t send some dumb ‘Dream Team’ with professional athletes over to the Olympics. The Olympics were really the Olympics. Guys didn’t have multi-million contracts and trainers … [The athletes in the Olympics] were everyday Americans. That’s gone now. —Don McLean Everything I have, all of my worldly income, is going to go to my foundation. —Don McLean And I’m always thankful to have work. —Don McLean She’s been automatically disinherited — that’s almost a $ 3 million trust fund that went down the tubes, i’ve always supported my daughter — $ 30,000, $ 40,000, $ 50,000 a year, doubling her husband’s salary. I wanted to make sure the grandkids had everything they wanted. —Don McLean