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Don Rosenberg Quotes – Quotes By Don Rosenberg

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Don Rosenberg Quotes

We strongly disagree with the judge’s conclusions, her interpretation of the facts and her application of the law. —Don Rosenberg The technologies invented by Qualcomm and others are what made it possible for Apple to enter the market and become so successful so quickly, we are gratified that courts all over the world are rejecting Apple’s strategy of refusing to pay for the use of our IP. —Don Rosenberg The three patents found to be infringed in this case represent just a small fraction of Qualcomm’s valuable portfolio of tens of thousands of patents. —Don Rosenberg We deeply value our relationships with customers, rarely resorting to the courts for assistance, but we also have an abiding belief in the need to protect intellectual property rights, apple continues to benefit from our intellectual property while refusing to compensate us. —Don Rosenberg Meizu is attempting to obtain an unfair and improper cost advantage over its competitors. —Don Rosenberg

Best Quotes By Don Rosenberg

There’s no question that Qualcomm’s intellectual property has been used and we have not been properly paid. —Don Rosenberg Prior to this program California had the worst property damage coverage in the country and was tied for the third lowest payouts for injury or death, to then offer a program that lowers the payouts even further and eliminates the safe driver criteria to enroll is unconscionable. —Don Rosenberg The bottom line is that the public was sold a lie, getting a license does not mean you will get insurance and what little history there is says that most don’t. —Don Rosenberg How can anyone who in law enforcement let people like this out of custody who we know will likely hurt someone badly, if not kill them, even if they are threatened with a lawsuit? it’s pure callous indifference. I don’t know how they live with themselves. —Don Rosenberg The shooter could have gotten into the community center, the outcome could have been a massacre I dare not to think about. —Don Rosenberg