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Donna Shalala Quotes – Quotes By Donna Shalala

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Donna Shalala Quotes

Most of my tours have been canceled because people are not coming. —Donna Shalala It’s her first vote that puts in place leaders, no matter what her positions are. They have disrespected Miami for too long a period of time, we’ve had people that were somewhat moderate representing South Florida. All of them hit a brick wall with their ideas, and that’s disrespecting the people of Miami. … We should not reinforce that by sending someone up that’s going to vote for that leadership. —Donna Shalala ‘ Medicare for all’ is not a bad idea. I ran the Medicare program, what I have said is we have to improve the Medicare program before we start giving it to all. It has no long term care. It has no home health care. It has no dental benefits. What you want is a comprehensive plan. In fact, Medicaid is more comprehensive than Medicare is. —Donna Shalala The other thing I want to point out, is there are a lot of people in this country that have very good health insurance from their employer. There are a lot of unions. They have negotiated that health insurance that have given up salaries for that health insurance, so, don’t read this as left and right. Read it as the complexity to get to the goal we want, which is universal health care. —Donna Shalala From the inside, I’ve been able to communicate with people and have always had someone with me if I need detailed translation, i’m going to operate in Washington in English. —Donna Shalala

Best Quotes By Donna Shalala

Latino voters want what everybody else wants. They want good education for their children. They want to make sure that they have good jobs, i think we have to be careful about understanding people’s lives. —Donna Shalala I know how to question cabinet officers. I have the skill set to get things done. —Donna Shalala I’m going to operate in Washington in English. —Donna Shalala —Donna Shalala No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Donna Shalala