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Doug Collins Quotes

I have never heard Herschel Walker’s position on pro-life. I have n’t, i’ve never heard Raphael Warnock position on gun control. I’ve never heard Raphael Warnock position on a lot of these issues that are conservative issues. —Doug Collins I’m the first person since Maine directly elected its senators to win a fifth term. —Doug Collins As a pastor and father, the issue of life is deeply personal to me. Weve got our best chance in decades to strike down Roe V. Wade. Lets take it, @realdonaldtrumpis going to nominate a pro-life conservative and the Senate needs to do their job and confirm without delay. —Doug Collins Everyone’s supposed to be staying home, but yet we’re opening up these businesses. —Doug Collins To Democrats, it’s politics, not facts, that matter. —Doug Collins

Best Quotes By Doug Collins

We’re more’ Alice in Wonderland’ than we are House of Representatives. Because whether you agree that he needs to be impeached or not, do you not think there needs to be a modicum of process and rights ? —Doug Collins This was the most bush league thing I have seen, forever, this committee is more concerned about getting on TV in the morning than it was finishing its job tonight and letting the members go home. Words cannot describe how inappropriate this was. —Doug Collins That is the most amazing, amazing, lack of honesty and integrity that I have ever seen, in wars, people die. Is that difficult to understand? Its not hard to understand. And, to say that. …Besmirching the folks who died, thats just amazing to me, even for this majority. Tosit there and keep repeating the lie, afterlie, afterlie. … People died when there was money we released earlier. Are we going to claim that was because we didnt give them enough money? I dont know. I get it. Yall have an agenda to push, and the clock is ticking. —Doug Collins It is amazing that this is an after-the fact coverup since it was asked by a Democratic senator, so, thats an after-the-fact coverup? … This is exactly what I thought would happen when we came back from lunch. —Doug Collins You can’t make your case against the president because nothing happened. —Doug Collins