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Doug Ducey Quotes – Quotes By Doug Ducey

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Doug Ducey Quotes

Fifty plus years ago politicians stood in the schoolhouse door and wouldn’t let minorities in. Today unions back politicians stand in the schoolhouse door and won’t let minorities out, they are trapped in failing schools. That’s what the media should be reporting on. But they want to report on masks, and not talk about math scores. —Doug Ducey If you look at states like Arizona, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, the policies that are making us attractive are the same policies available to other states. But we don’t need Washington, D.C., to dictate those policies. Let the governors have that competition. —Doug Ducey The failed exit from Afghanistan, the surging inflation that’s a hidden tax on everyone in this country, the highest cost of everyday living that we’ve seen in 40 years, the crisis at the border that’s not only affecting Arizona but every state with fentanyl spilling in, and now this muddled policy in Ukraine, we’ve never projected more weakness on the global stage, and there’s no real sense to his economic policy. —Doug Ducey In Arizona, our top priority is to get kids caught up, and we are using a wide range of resources to make that happen — including federal dollars allocated to our state, make no mistake, we will always support families and kids while protecting their right to choose an education that best fits their needs. —Doug Ducey In Arizona, we’re going to ensure continued access to in-person learning, everyone agrees that schools should stay open and kids need to be in the classroom. With this announcement, we are making sure parents and families have options if a school closes its doors. Parents are best suited to make decisions about their child’s education. —Doug Ducey

Best Quotes By Doug Ducey

Joe Biden has failed us on COVID. He ran for office on a promise to ‘shut down the virus.’ He has failed on this, much as he has failed on the border crisis and in Afghanistan. So now, President Biden’s plan is to shut down freedom, cOVID-19 is a contagious disease, it is still with us and it will be for the foreseeable future. President Biden’s solution is hammering down on private businesses and individual freedoms in an unprecedented and dangerous way. —Doug Ducey At any given time, I might have three dispatchers answering all of the calls that come into our office, if they’re tied up handling 911 calls that wouldn’t be happening otherwise, your 911 call because of a vehicle accident or something other than that more serious might ring a few extra times, and that’s scary. —Doug Ducey Secretary Mayorkas needs to resign. He came to Phoenix, but he’s hiding from the border. —Doug Ducey The cartels take advantage of this, they use the humanitarian crisis to get the drugs, the fentanyl, the methamphetamine, and the cocaine across the border and then to surge it all across our country, this is something that’s infecting all of our schools and our neighborhoods and not just in border states. —Doug Ducey Mr. President, do something – do anything. —Doug Ducey