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Doug Heye Quotes – Quotes By Doug Heye

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Doug Heye Quotes

Regardless of whether or not he wins… it looks like Republican Glenn Youngkin is showing Republicans that they don’t need to be wedded to Donald Trump, sure, they don’t want to cross him and alienate his base. But, especially with Biden’s low numbers and McAuliffe’s vulnerabilities on things like education, Republicans can play on Democrats’ field. That’s the first step in putting Trump in the rearview mirror. —Doug Heye There will have to be a very long explanation on what Republicans hope to achieve now as well as in the coming years. —Doug Heye Given everything that’s going on, they’re all scared – for really good reasons. —Doug Heye Entire industries are shutting down: tourism, airlines, restaurants, this touches every community in the country. —Doug Heye For House Democrats ‘ running for president, breaking through on healthcare or the economy just got a lot tougher, impeachment will be the dominant topic for a long time. —Doug Heye

Best Quotes By Doug Heye

The challenge is that inconsistent messaging on the economy projects weakness, and if we know one thing about Donald Trump, it is his aversion to any perceived weakness, there is still a lot of good news this White House can emphasize about the economy. Focus on that. —Doug Heye If this were a different issue, it would have been higher, but it’s about the wall. —Doug Heye I think 12 is significant, i don’t think it’s a watershed moment. —Doug Heye There is a potential Todd Akin, Richard Murdoch problem, one candidate could say the wrong thing that not only plays a big role in that race, but then becomes a question that every New York candidate was asked in their race as well. —Doug Heye As the guy who is positioning himself as the smartest guy in politics, he sure plays dumb a lot. —Doug Heye