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Daniel Ives Quotes – Quotes By Daniel Ives

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Daniel Ives Quotes

The irony is they left hundreds of millions on the table by selling early. —Daniel Ives This shows it’s not regulators or competition slowing Amazon down, it’s the supply chain nightmare. —Daniel Ives It’s a land grab, the jury is still out on who is going to be the winner. —Daniel Ives This is really, I view it, as almost a seminal moment … in terms of Bitcoin from a transaction perspective, i think this is really an eyebrow-raising move. —Daniel Ives They’re not going to stay at 80-90 % share of the EV market, but they can keep growing even with much lower market share, we’re looking at north of 3 million to 4 million vehicles annually as we go into 2025-26, with 40 % of that growth coming from China. We believe now they are on the trajectory that even without [ the EV ] credits they’ll still be profitable. —Daniel Ives

Best Quotes By Daniel Ives

With Kevin Mayer leaving it was big shoes to fill for Vanessa Pappas while navigating TikTok through a Category 5 storm, fast forward to today, Vanessa Pappas and Vanessa Pappas team have played a game of high stakes poker and appear to have won this latest battle. —Daniel Ives This is an all-out battle royale to make sure they are ultimately victorious, if it falls by the wayside, there are going to be serious business model changes to the gig economy. —Daniel Ives If they do go down the IPO path, it would be a seminal moment in technology, very similar to the likes of Uber and Lyft that were private for many years then went public. —Daniel Ives Ride sharing remains the bread and butter for Uber and Lyft with some dark days ahead as lockdowns remain around the world. —Daniel Ives The coronavirus impact looks to be, at worst, 3 % of iPhone units pushing out from March to June. —Daniel Ives