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Daniel Pinkston Quotes – Quotes By Daniel Pinkston

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Daniel Pinkston Quotes

It’s all OK making broad statements and giving blessings, but at some point negotiators would have to agree on details like how to complete an inventory of North Korea’s nuclear program and then how to secure and dismantle it, if you fail to do that you risk repeating the mistakes of the past. —Daniel Pinkston If the two sides can agree to cooperate to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and establish permanent peace that may be seen as a success, then they can work out the detail later. —Daniel Pinkston If you think through how to get to a proper peace deal and how it will be implemented and enforced and what its structure would look like, plus the levels of distrust and suspicion in the region, there’s a lot of stuff to address, we have to be realistic about the obstacles that need to be overcome. —Daniel Pinkston This has hurt South Korea at a time when the economy has moved into a slow-growth phase, moon will be under pressure to address these issues. —Daniel Pinkston It’s a different time. North Korea has made a lot of progress on their nuclear and missile programs, so it’s a different type of threat. —Daniel Pinkston

Best Quotes By Daniel Pinkston

If North Korea thought they could continue their accelerated pace of weapons testing and deployment without a response, they certainly were wrong, (With) the recent North Korean behavior, and with the Foal Eagle exercise going on, I think it’s a good time (to deploy). —Daniel Pinkston Every year these exercises get North Korea a little excited, there are a few things going on that are driving this. —Daniel Pinkston They have an incentive to exaggerate their capabilities — particularly for their domestic audience — to demonstrate awe and power, but we don’t know the exact capabilities. —Daniel Pinkston Preparations for the Unha-3, and whatever new space launch vehicle they might roll out, will be observable well in advance of a launch, so it is not a system that can be used for any military objective. —Daniel Pinkston So it is not a system that can be used for any military objective. —Daniel Pinkston