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Daniel Silver Quotes

At some point production should pick up, allowing for the restocking of inventories and supporting sales, but it is unclear exactly when this will occur, the recent spread of the Delta variant and persistence of broader supply chain issues has generated some downside risk to the near-term outlook. —Daniel Silver It continues to send a pretty favorable signal about labor market conditions. —Daniel Silver We are maintaining our forecast for the BLS report to show 900,000 jobs added in July, with 550,000 coming from the private sector. —Daniel Silver It now looks like the BEA data will need to be revised up, we continue to expect inventories to boost GDP growth significantly in third quarter following the big pullback reported through the second quarter. We also think equipment spending will continue to increase at a solid rate in the third quarter. —Daniel Silver Through some of the noise in the data it still looks like the trend for filings keeps moving lower over time. —Daniel Silver

Best Quotes By Daniel Silver

It remains difficult to use the ADP data to accurately predict the BLS data. —Daniel Silver We think the labor market will keep recovering over time. —Daniel Silver This decline came after very strong productivity growth in the middle quarters of the year, and we think that the pandemic has led to a shift in economic activity away from some low-productivity sectors that has led to firming in productivity growth through some of the noise in the quarterly readings. —Daniel Silver The broad message from the ADP report is consistent with what we expect the government data to show, the labor market continued to add jobs on net in November but the pace of job growth slowed. —Daniel Silver The continuing claims data also may exhibit some volatility around the holiday season, but the trend in the data appears to have weakened over the past month or so. —Daniel Silver