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Danny Cevallos Quotes

Typically in criminal law, motive is not an element of a criminal offense, however, motive can be evidence of your intent (to commit a crime). Why you did something can tell us about what you meant to do when it happened. Hate crimes require that (an intent to commit crime) be motivated by some animus, some hatred of other people. —Danny Cevallos Because the monkey cannot create a copyrightable work, that work can never be copyrightable, in the case of a monkey’s selfie by itself, that photograph immediately and forever falls into the public domain, and can be used by anyone, without permission. —Danny Cevallos Materials produced solely by nature, by plants or by animals are not copyrightable. —Danny Cevallos We know the reality of trying to play lawyer with the police, do you want to make a stand for justice or do you want to go home ? The way you show a police officer that they’re wrong is not at the time of the traffic stop. It’s later in court. —Danny Cevallos Evidence suggests that he wasn’t fleeing and was facing the officer, if that’s true … the officer has to explain six shots. He has to explain a reason for each of those six shots. He has to have justifiably been in fear of his life or fear of some imminent serious bodily harm. —Danny Cevallos

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They’re going to be anything in the spectrum of murder, manslaughter (or) negligent homicide. —Danny Cevallos The grand jury ultimately decides whether to indict, but it’s 100% the prosecution’s show. … The prosecutor could, in theory, make less of an effort if he doesn’t want someone indicted. —Danny Cevallos No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Danny Cevallos —Danny Cevallos No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Danny Cevallos