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Dara Khosrowshahi Quotes – Quotes By Dara Khosrowshahi

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Dara Khosrowshahi Quotes

The product and technology teams are much more focused on driving shared ride efficiency. —Dara Khosrowshahi We’ve always admired Postmates, I guess, begrudgingly from afar in that it was a competitor who was able to compete aggressively and to be a leader in some very important markets with a much smaller capital base than a lot of its competition, including ourselves. —Dara Khosrowshahi Uber and Postmates have long shared a belief that platforms like ours can power much more than just food delivery — they can be a hugely important part of local commerce and communities, all the more important during crises like Covid-19. —Dara Khosrowshahi At a time when our Rides business is down significantly due to shelter-in-place, our Eats business is surging. —Dara Khosrowshahi We recognize that the era of growth at all costs is over, in a world where investors increasingly demand not just growth, but profitable growth, we are well-positioned to win through continuous innovation, excellent execution, and the unrivaled scale of our global platform. —Dara Khosrowshahi

Best Quotes By Dara Khosrowshahi

We had to change the culture internally and we simply got to do the right thing. —Dara Khosrowshahi If I look at Uber’s growth over the next 10 years it’s going to be defined by markets like India, Africa, the Middle East more so than the developed markets such as the U.S. and Europe. —Dara Khosrowshahi I now have the ability to be even more involved in the day-to-day operations of our biggest businesses, the core platform of Rides and Eats, and have decided they should report directly to me, this will allow me to be more hands on and help our leaders problem-solve in real time, while also ensuring that we make our platform vision a reality. —Dara Khosrowshahi Our story is simple. We’re the global player, our job is to grow fast at scale and more efficiently for a long, long time. —Dara Khosrowshahi My reaction (to the share price) is if we build and build well, shareholders will be rewarded. We’re certainly not measuring our success over a day, it really is over the years. —Dara Khosrowshahi