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Dariush Mozaffarian Quotes – Quotes By Dariush Mozaffarian

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Dariush Mozaffarian Quotes

Food that actually makes people healthier should cost less and be more readily available, foods that are making people sick and also hurting the environment should be more expensive. —Dariush Mozaffarian It shows you how a single policy passed by Congress can dramatically improve the nutrition of millions of children. —Dariush Mozaffarian Looking at the survey results, it’s positive that the public recognizes the importance of foods being high in healthy components, nutrients, and part of an important food group and correctly pay less attention to criteria like GMO or organic. —Dariush Mozaffarian The low recognition of the importance of healthy fats is disappointing. —Dariush Mozaffarian Other animal source foods seem pretty neutral overall but represent a diverse group, from chicken to eggs to yogurt, for which we need to understand each of their specific health effects, outside any single isolated nutrient such as protein, based on a wealth of evidence, it’s crucial to eats lots of specific, healthier plant-based foods : fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, non-starchy veggies. —Dariush Mozaffarian

Best Quotes By Dariush Mozaffarian

I think the government and scientists may be afraid to embrace the new science, consumers, ironically, get this message and are moving toward a low carb diet, so I think they would pretty quickly embrace it. —Dariush Mozaffarian (c)holesterol is not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption. —Dariush Mozaffarian I think it is crucial for all government agencies to formally state that there is no upper limit on fat. —Dariush Mozaffarian Most global nutrition efforts have focused on calories – getting starchy staples to people, we need to focus on the quality of calories for poor countries, not just the quantity. —Dariush Mozaffarian Young people are growing up with much worse diets than their parents or grandparents. —Dariush Mozaffarian