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Darrell Issa Quotes – Quotes By Darrell Issa

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Darrell Issa Quotes

The White House should take note that this is only the beginning. —Darrell Issa Anyone who says there aren’t people stranded is wrong. —Darrell Issa We’re delighted to have these kids back in school and their parents united, but we also know that there’s a lot more work to do. —Darrell Issa The conditions that she saw at the border when she was a senator … have deteriorated as a result of the policies of this administration, and she needs to see that firsthand, anyone who sees that will, in fact, make a decision that some of the polices implemented in the first 100 days of this administration need to be reversed. … Unless you want open borders. —Darrell Issa We are so far behind in dispensing the vaccine, [Newsom] hasn’t been forward-leading, the vaccines are not being distributed nearly fast enough in California, there are freezers full of vaccines that are not being put into people’s arms. —Darrell Issa

Best Quotes By Darrell Issa

I have formally launched an exploratory committee for the 50th Congressional District in California. —Darrell Issa Unfortunately, loopholes in the program have allowed a small handful of employers to game the system to displace American workers, and crowd out others who legitimately need the limited slots … to recruit individuals with unique skill sets not available here at home. —Darrell Issa They may or may not support the president, but they want you to work across the aisle to get things done. —Darrell Issa Protestors and people here are openly calling for a single-payer system, that drives a lot of working, middle-class Democrats away from their own party. —Darrell Issa If you’re choosing a lifestyle where you’re saying, ‘I can afford everything except healthcare … ‘. —Darrell Issa