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Darren Cahill Quotes

I think the fact that you’re seeing many, many different winners is great for the( women’s) game because we’re learning about more and more players, and we’re hoping that happens on the men’s tour as well, instead of Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer winning every single week. We want those young generation players to come through and break through and win those tournaments. —Darren Cahill With any good period of time out of the game is opportunity for change, there are a lot of positives related to that but I think with something so big the devil’s in the details. —Darren Cahill I think it’s healthier than it’s ever been, you’ve got so many different personalities, so many different nationalities represented. So many great players, the level of the top 10 players is incredibly close but a spectacular level. —Darren Cahill Our lives are in a little bit of a different place to what a player’s life is because most coaches have families, you are putting kids through school, you have medical expenses, whatever it might be. So we rely on that income to keep our lives ticking over, and there’s been no recourse for us. —Darren Cahill I know I’m privileged because I work with a great player, and Simona has always looked after me and still does, so I’m one of the lucky ones but I know that I’m one of the few. In the main draw of men’s or women’s tournaments there are 128 players (and) there might be 100 coaches that turn up in those tournaments. —Darren Cahill

Best Quotes By Darren Cahill

At the moment, as a fan of tennis, if you want to try to follow tennis, whether it’s Davis Cup, Fed Cup, the WTA, the ATP, smaller events, there are so many different platforms a fan has to subscribe to and it’s confusing, social media becomes much easier as well, if the tours are merged. Instead of competing against each other for a social media space, that becomes all one. —Darren Cahill At the moment the men command a little more at the negotiating table when we’re talking about TV rights, i think, to a large extent, everyone will take this. Obviously there would be some resentment from some male players but the majority I think would see the benefits and understand that this is the right thing to do. —Darren Cahill I think, hypothetically, it would be a pretty good position for a tennis player to be in, because you know that every single decision being made is made in the best interest of the game. —Darren Cahill Nobody wants to see RG canceled … just all work together to fix a schedule that makes sense when things clear up a bit, players, tournaments, majors, men and women all in a room. Now is a bit early for answers. —Darren Cahill I think as an industry, a coaching industry in tennis, it’s important that we do evolve and do this, i’m really for it. I think the WTA is doing a good thing. —Darren Cahill