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Dave Martinez Quotes – Quotes By Dave Martinez

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Dave Martinez Quotes

They’ve been pitching around him a lot these last couple of weeks. True to form, he’s going to take his walks, he’s going to get on base, they’ll make a mistake one of these times this weekend and he’ll hit one hard. —Dave Martinez Crazy plays today he made. Unbelievable, he should be on ESPN and MLB all night long. —Dave Martinez Juan should have consideration of being that MVP, what he’s done and what he’s meant to this team, as you know, he carries this team, day in and day out. —Dave Martinez We’ve got to get a little bit more from our starting pitchers and keep us close, when we do that, we end up winning ballgames. You can’t spot a team five runs and come back and sustain that every day. —Dave Martinez The throwing’s still a little bit of a concern, i want to make sure that he can go out in the outfield and make some throws when we need him to. —Dave Martinez

Best Quotes By Dave Martinez

To have his kind of bat readily available to pinch hit, it’s kind of nice. —Dave Martinez There was really not much of a discussion, just wanted to pinpoint exactly what he was feeling. Other than that, he was coming out of the game. We’re in spring training. There’s no sense in pushing it. —Dave Martinez I’ve had my calves cramping up on me in the past and I’ve pitched through that, this was definitely something a little different, but not something I couldn’t have pitched through if it was a bigger game, I guess. —Dave Martinez My concern is just keeping him on a five-day schedule right now, if he wakes up tomorrow sore or something, he might be held back. —Dave Martinez Weve just got to be smart, we dont want to lose him for three weeks. If we lose him for three weeks, thats pretty much game over. —Dave Martinez