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David Kochel Quotes – Quotes By David Kochel

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David Kochel Quotes

Pence needs to figure out how to defend his own actions to follow the Constitution while not hitting that trip wire. —David Kochel Mike PenceVice’s the most uniquely connected to Trump of anyone in the field, in ways both helpful and unhelpful, nobody would be more affected by a Donald Trump comment than Mike PenceVice, and nobody more vulnerable to a Donald Trump run. —David Kochel Inflation and the overall cost of living is going to bite the non-college working class a heck of a lot more than it is the white-collar upscale college grads, there’s a lot of things working against Henry Olsen that Henry Olsen doesn’t have much control over. —David Kochel I’m not sure [ Biden ] can spend his way to a larger vote share there. —David Kochel There’s no doubt, particularly in places where Iowa Republicans have struggled in the past few cycles in the suburbs, good women candidates have a high upside, iowa Republicans was a successful governor, Iowa Republicans has foreign policy experience and Iowa Republicans had a very successful run in the Trump administration — all those things are to Iowa Republicans credit. —David Kochel

Best Quotes By David Kochel

Any good consultant will tell Donald Trump to look ahead, not back and that would be good advice, but one of Trump’s superpowers is knowing exactly what Donald Trump audience wants. They want the hits, and the # 1 hit on the charts right now is’ Stop the Steal.’ There’s no way Donald Trump can give a speech without playing that tune. —David Kochel It gives us more time at the microphone and more time to talk about answers to substantive issues that Iowa voters are demanding right now. —David Kochel No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —David Kochel —David Kochel No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —David Kochel