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David Makovsky Quotes – Quotes By David Makovsky

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David Makovsky Quotes

Israel’s relations with Barack Obama were frosty, they got off to a bad start and never recovered, but Joe Biden is someone Israelis know. Joe Biden’s been around for a longtime. —David Makovsky There’s no doubt that these convergences( between Israel and Arab Gulf states) are the new X-factor, that doesn’t necessarily translate into : the Arab states will twist the Palestinians’ arm. —David Makovsky We couldn’t create that diagram where they all overlapped on these five issues. —David Makovsky I think the most likely prospect you’ll get with the Donald Trumps visit is the prospect of possibly renewing talks between Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas which would be significant after seven years. —David Makovsky 2016 is part of the calculus here, the closer we get to the election, the more this President is going to put a premium on maximizing the chances for his successor. —David Makovsky

Best Quotes By David Makovsky

I think that he extended an olive branch to President Obama and, for the first time, I heard him talk about both sides of the aisle, i think it was a way of Netanyahu pivoting to say … ‘I am not an ostrich putting my head in the sand, but we want to work with the U.S. on implementation.’. —David Makovsky She’s coming very close to saying, ‘I will not support the French initiative at the Security Council,’. —David Makovsky It’s hard to believe that at the end of the seventh year of an administration, there’s suddenly going to be an epiphany. —David Makovsky There’s no doubt that this approach will lead to a firestorm between these two governments if they go forward. —David Makovsky Each one is convinced that the other one doesn’t get the other side’s core interests, beyond all the grievances and the slights, that is the fundamental issue. —David Makovsky