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David McQueen Quotes – Quotes By David McQueen

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David McQueen Quotes

Apple has pulled off a masterstroke by taking items out of the iPhone box… so then users are guided towards the purchase of additional premium priced accessories, apple is basically saying, these are aspirational products, and if you can afford to spend around $ 1,000 on a phone you can spend another few hundred dollars or so on our accessories. —David McQueen Google never intended Google Pixel to be Google Pixel, the idea was that they would use the Pixel devices to showcase the Google Android ecosystem, demonstrating to their partners what could be done with top-end hardware and the latest Android software. —David McQueen The company still focuses on profits and revenue rather than chasing volume and market share, which was the same mantra under Steve Jobs, perhaps Steve Jobs wouldn’t have launched as many device types at different sizes, as Steve Jobs always feared cannibalizing revenue streams — notably across iPad mini and larger screened iPhones. —David McQueen Apple clearly doesn’t have to do much, despite the relatively high price points, consumers will still buy and upgrade to Apple products, partly because of brand strength and the quality of the products, and partly because they have already invested heavily in the Apple ecosystem. —David McQueen Despite the high profit margins on its iPhones, it would be of no surprise if Apple passed this rise onto the consumer, potentially pushing prices of its iPhones to their highest ever level. —David McQueen

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Smartphone vendors have worked hard to get this to high levels, but if devices do have more screw holes and have to be easier to take apart, then would these ratings be compromised or have to be lowered ? —David McQueen Although AirTags are probably going to be fairly low priced, they may help to grow revenue, and users may buy multiple tags for different scenarios, such as for a bag, bike or car keys, it may also spark a rise in the manufacture of accessories to house the tags, such as a key fob, keychain or wrist strap. —David McQueen It’s probably the closest thing to reviving subsidies, which were rife in the US when the iPhone first hit the market. —David McQueen The motivation for subscribers to upgrade smartphones has been a problem over the past few years with most flagships having very little differentiation with their predecessors. —David McQueen After years of complacency in the smartphone market, waiting for some design innovation, there is little doubt that foldable smartphones are set to become the next technology innovation trend, despite the obvious and immediate issues with getting them to market — notably high barriers to entry, extreme hardware innovation, seamless user experiences and current eye-wateringly high prices — foldable displays are set to become an important form factor in future product portfolios bringing much needed innovation into device design. —David McQueen