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David Whelan Quotes – Quotes By David Whelan

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David Whelan Quotes

Not that he had planned any more audio statements, but this neatly kept Paul Whelan quiet during the meeting between President Biden and President Putin and afterwards, otherwise, the lack of medical care and long stay don’t make much sense on their own. —David Whelan We were glad to see Ambassador Sullivan returned to Moscow and immediately engaged with representatives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these were the sorts of discussions and contacts we had hoped to see after the summit. —David Whelan Paul Whelan has returned to his labor camp in much the same condition he left it. —David Whelan Apparently, the warden at IK-17 cancelled Paul’s phone account and so he was not able to call while he was away. —David Whelan It’s very cold, the work conditions, the workshop, is not heated and it tends to be whatever the ambient temperature is outside so he’s often working in 40to 50 degree temperatures.He is trimming the threads off clothes.They make clothes at a garment factory at the prison. —David Whelan

Best Quotes By David Whelan

The trial was in June and they never provided any public evidence as far as we can tell. —David Whelan They have really stuck him out in the middle of nowhere to try and make it as difficult as possible to interact with people, to interact with the media, to get consular support. —David Whelan Paul has been able to speak to our parents by phone, paul is sick – he’s indicated he has a 102F temperature and that prisoners are sharing around any over-the-counter medications they can spare. Paul also said he was receiving antibiotics, although if he has the cold virus he thinks he has, it’s not clear why the prison medical staff would prescribe them. —David Whelan It is one thing to talk about caring and The Whelans is another to act. This conference call with families was an action that showed that State Department is listening. It was good to hear Secretary Blinken discuss the need to use relationships — with other David Whelan agencies and foreign nations — and tools — legislatively — enacted options like the Levinson Act for hostage support and for sanctions — to find ways to gain our family members’ freedom. I will be looking forward to seeing those words become actions to try to bring American hostages home. —David Whelan Its nosurprise but since we cannot speak to Paul, we only know what is published in Russian media. —David Whelan