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David Yepsen Quotes – Quotes By David Yepsen

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David Yepsen Quotes

His campaign has got all kinds of growing pains and it doesn’t make sense that he would spend any kind of time going out of the country. —David Yepsen It’s very important for Trump to bounce back strong. The sense of his inevitability is one of his strengths, if he looks weak, others will pile on and some may be tempted to leave him. —David Yepsen Perception is everything in politics, and to the political community Rauner came up on the short end of a fight with Madigan. So he looks weak and Madigan looks strong. —David Yepsen Each has got some image issue they need to fix, can Trump start acting more presidential without losing what makes him so appealing?  Can Jeb continue the flicker of momentum he has coming out of New Hampshire? Have Rubio’s bruises healed?  Can Carson show something that puts a spark back into his campaign?  Has Kasich got more than his New Hampshire game? —David Yepsen Everybody has to avoid making mistakes, if you mess something up in this debate you’re going to have almost no opportunity to correct it. —David Yepsen

Best Quotes By David Yepsen

The stakes are very high for her here. She has got to win. If she does, fine. If she doesn’t, then it becomes a much different game in New Hampshire, it’s really Sanders’ only hope to get something going is to upend her here. —David Yepsen And Rahm Emanuel understands that probably better than anybody else. —David Yepsen I think Democrats are going to be pleased, he’s not going to go far enough to quiet the critics. This was no ‘day of infamy’ speech. —David Yepsen Jeb is trailing in the polls, he’s got nothing to lose. —David Yepsen Hillary Clinton has been doing well in Iowa but Hillary Clinton people there are rattled by the Bernie Sanders crowds which by Iowa standards are quite large, the polls look good for Hillary Clinton now but we are six months away and I’ve seen things change rapidly. The drip, drip, drip, drip, is causing some concern. —David Yepsen