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Dean Phillips Quotes – Quotes By Dean Phillips

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Dean Phillips Quotes

If people are serious about legislating. —Dean Phillips It does not preclude us from taking elements of it on which we might find common ground. —Dean Phillips If we continue to point fingers at one another, and not recalibrate, that’s a recipe for absolute destruction. —Dean Phillips If you don’t manage the message, the message will surely manage you, and we’re being subjected to that. —Dean Phillips I’m concerned about Virginia, I’m concerned about the message. I’m concerned about the message it sends to the world right now that is looking at our system of governance with increasing concern about its viability. —Dean Phillips

Best Quotes By Dean Phillips

Would I like to see a lot of elements of the social infrastructure plan implemented ? Absolutely, but I think this is important that we demonstrate that this place can operate. And if we end up getting nothing done because of the objections of either the left or the right, and then shame on all of us. —Dean Phillips Many of us are getting sick of that. —Dean Phillips We will have been literally baptized by fire and virus in this extraordinary two-year period, and my hope is that the experience will make us better legislators, better cooperators and better representatives for both our constituents and the entire country. —Dean Phillips It was as if life had changed in ways that were unimaginable, empty airports, an empty plane and a reminder for all of us nothing is to be taken for granted. —Dean Phillips As a small-business owner, I know that the challenges facing our nation’s job creators are unprecedented, both sides need to compromise to reach a deal. —Dean Phillips