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Deb Fischer Quotes – Quotes By Deb Fischer

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Deb Fischer Quotes

I am frustrated after today’s briefing with Secretary Austin and Secretary Blinken, this briefing should have been open to the public. Instead, it took place behind closed doors, and administration officials purposefully stonewalled, limiting senators’ opportunities to ask important questions. —Deb Fischer The United States believes that Russia probably is not adhering to the nuclear testing moratorium in the manner consistent with the yield, or with the zero yield standard. The The United States, by contrast, is upholding a zero yield standard, end quote, does The United States still remain DIA’s assessment ? —Deb Fischer I think it’s important that Some GOP senators recognize that all Americans have equal rights under Some GOP senators Constitution, i want to have justices who look at these cases and make decisions based on their review of the case and look at the constitution and apply it equally. —Deb Fischer You know I am focused on the votes that we do now. The President has addressed this, and I’m focused on what we’re doing now and working on the NDAA. —Deb Fischer That’s unfair and it hurts our farmers and ethanol producers. This bill would shine a light on what’s been an obscure exemption process and help promote economic growth in rural America. —Deb Fischer

Best Quotes By Deb Fischer

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