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Deb Haaland Quotes – Quotes By Deb Haaland

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Deb Haaland Quotes

The Interior Department is laying out an ambitious roadmap as we advance the Administration’s plans to confront climate change, create good-paying jobs, and accelerate the nation’s transition to a cleaner energy future, we have big goals to achieve a clean energy economy and Interior is meeting the moment. —Deb Haaland There’s no doubt that the BLM should have a leadership presence in Washington, D.C. — like all the other land management agencies — to ensure that it has access to the policy -, budget -, and decision-making levers to best carry out its mission. In addition, the BLM’s robust presence in Colorado and across the West will continue to grow, the past several years have been incredibly disruptive to the organization, to our public servants, and to their families. As we move forward, my priority is to revitalize and rebuild the BLM so that it can meet the pressing challenges of our time, and to look out for our employees’ well-being. —Deb Haaland At no time in history have the records or documentation of this policy been compiled or analyzed to determine the full scope of its reaches and effects. We must uncover the truth about the loss of human life, and the lasting consequences of the schools. —Deb Haaland I know that this process will be long and difficult. I know that this process will be painful. It won’t undo the heartbreak and loss we feel. But only by acknowledging the past can we work toward a future that we’re all proud to embrace. —Deb Haaland Every time they asked about Elizabeth’s family instead of the issues of vital importance to Indian country, they feed the President’s racism, elizabeth Warren knows Elizabeth Warren will be attacked, but Elizabeth Warren’s here to be an unwavering partner in our struggle, because that is what a leader does. —Deb Haaland

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I never question anyone’s identity. There are a number of people who told me,’ Yes, I’m native. And I just don’t question that about people. —Deb Haaland Donald Trump and the billionaire class should consider this victory a warning shot: the blue wave is coming. —Deb Haaland Tonight, New Mexico made history. —Deb Haaland —Deb Haaland No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Deb Haaland