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Dejan Ilijevski Quotes – Quotes By Dejan Ilijevski

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Dejan Ilijevski Quotes

All available news, information, and expectations have already been priced in, says Dejan Ilijevski, investment manager and president of Sabela Capital Markets in Munster, Indiana. The only information that’s not priced in is tomorrow’s news, and news by its inherent definition is impossible to predict. —Dejan Ilijevski Although some investors may assume that higher inflation leads to lower stock performance, US market history shows that nominal annual stock returns are unrelated to inflation. —Dejan Ilijevski Disciplined investors who rely on low-cost index funds for the long term have done better than most of their peers and the professionals.” —Dejan Ilijevski Generally, there is the fallacy that dividends are free money, by which I mean that many investors strictly buy dividend stocks to get the dividend income or bonus, says Dejan Ilijevski, investment advisor and president at Sabela Capital Markets in Munster, Indiana. Rather a dividend is simply a transfer of wealth from the company’s books to the shareholder. —Dejan Ilijevski He says: “The markets are simply information-processing machines, quickly incorporating all available news and expectations. —Dejan Ilijevski

Best Quotes By Dejan Ilijevski

High fees only guarantee that more wealth will trickle up from your account to the pockets of your broker or advisor,” says Ilijevski. “Fees and costs squander returns.” —Dejan Ilijevski If your asset allocation was appropriate for your risk tolerance ahead of the turmoil, then there is no need to change it now,” explained Dejan Ilijevski, president of Sabela Capital Markets. “Changing your asset allocation now would be driven by your emotions, rather than on the decisions you made when you were more rational and relaxed.” —Dejan Ilijevski I think it’s been a total disaster,” he said. “It seems like the administration was slow to respond.” —Dejan Ilijevski Technical and fundamental analysis is usually useless as a trading edge,[…] Mindless strategies like mean reversion work until they don’t and you suffer a blowout. Fundamentals are priced in. And no one can predict tomorrow’s news. —Dejan Ilijevski The best way to implement the key principles is with low management fee index funds, which help you diversify, minimize costs, stay disciplined and capture market returns wherever they may occur,” says Dejan Ilijevski, president at Sabela Capital Markets in Munster, Indiana. —Dejan Ilijevski