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Denis McDonough Quotes – Quotes By Denis McDonough

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Denis McDonough Quotes

Through this process, I determined that the evidence provided was sufficient to establish presumptions of service connection for these three respiratory conditions, this is the right decision, and VA will continue to use a holistic approach in determining toxic exposure presumptives moving forward. —Denis McDonough We’re mandating vaccines for Title 38 employees because it’s the best way to keep Veterans safe, especially as the Delta variant spreads across the country. —Denis McDonough It’s the President’s decision, and we’ve just announced today that we’re executing that decision. That decision will carry out now over many, many months, but at the end of the day this is in the President’s authority to do, he’s made clear it’s time to do it and that’s precisely what we’ll do. —Denis McDonough There are several steps to take, and that will take time, but we are moving ahead, methodically, because we want this important change in policy to be implemented in a manner that has been thoroughly considered to ensure that the services made available to veterans meet VA’s rigorous standards of quality health care. —Denis McDonough We are taking the first necessary steps to expand VA’s care to include gender confirmation surgery — thereby allowing transgender vets to go through the full gender confirmation process with VA at their side. —Denis McDonough

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Due in part to minority stress, LGBTQ + veterans experience mental illness and suicidal thoughts at far higher rates than those outside their community, but they are significantly less likely to seek routine care, largely because they fear discrimination. —Denis McDonough It was helpful to have State ops place the calls and to provide translation services, and we were grateful for the cooperation from the Bush administration for making that happen. —Denis McDonough These calls in the past have been handled on open lines. They are congratulatory calls. —Denis McDonough Non-binding agreements — like the deal we are negotiating with Iran…are an essential element of international diplomacy and do not require congressional approval. —Denis McDonough That rests on me. That’s my job. —Denis McDonough