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Dennis Kelleher Quotes – Quotes By Dennis Kelleher

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Dennis Kelleher Quotes

The new policies can not be used to whitewash the prior bad judgment, failures of leadership and violation of the Fed’s own policies if not the law. —Dennis Kelleher The SEC has failed the American people by repeatedly selecting Wall Street defense lawyers as Directors of Enforcement, they come to the SEC with needless and unhelpful baggage, including crippling conflicts of interest regarding current and past clients as well as a mindset…ill-suited to being an aggressive enforcer. —Dennis Kelleher There is a fee today and the world hasn’t ended, the proposed fee is so puny that no reasonable retail investor would ever notice it. —Dennis Kelleher We believe the markets today are rigged to favor high-frequency traders, the industry has taken visible upfront commission fees and disguised it into invisible payment for order flow. —Dennis Kelleher Presumably that’s why Citadel Securities vehemently opposed IEX’s D-Limit order type. —Dennis Kelleher

Best Quotes By Dennis Kelleher

To me, it’s probable that people are pushing retail investors in one way or another when they have undisclosed positions that are being advantaged by those actions, that’s going to be classic market manipulation, and I don’t have any doubt that’s going on. —Dennis Kelleher So much of this trading has been fueled by broker de facto claims of ‘free trading’… but that is false and misleading and the SEC should say that and stop it. —Dennis Kelleher It’s diminishing the integrity of the marketplace and it’s putting individual investors at risk. —Dennis Kelleher The problem with Secretary Mnuchin comments [ is ] Secretary Mnuchin’s either incredibly out of touch, or Secretary Mnuchin knows a problem nobody else knows. —Dennis Kelleher If Wall Street really cared about Main Street it would already act in Wall Street clients’ best interest, rather than secretly pocketing tens of billions of dollars from hardworking Americans just trying to save for a decent retirement. —Dennis Kelleher